Fri | Jun 22, 2018

Retired Bolt still inspiring

Published:Friday | November 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I recently caught a late-night US TV appearance by Usain Bolt. It was one of the interview variety shows that come on close to midnight. I don't recall the name of it. What was clear, though, and what has stuck with me is how much our very own superstar sprinter has grown. He speaks so well and is engaging and relateable. These, of course, are traits that helped make him into the international icon he is. However, there has been a remarkable improvement in his interviewing skills over the years.

Now that he has retired from sprinting, Bolt seems even more at ease with himself. He answers questions well - and in his own Jamaican accent - and is also very witty. I was proud of him when he was on the track, and I am even more proud of him now. I wish him and all our athletes the best. Bolt is providing a good example of how to transition into retirement with grace. Kudos to him.

Track Lover