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Letter of the Day | Measly wage offers and use of state resources

Published:Monday | November 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
:Dr Shane Alexis
Dr Norman Dunn


The only thing that the South East St Mary by-election proves to us is that the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) did its homework. It enumerated more people in anticipation of a by-election that was likely to be ordered by the judge in the election petition that was before the courts at the time of Dr Green's death.

The PNP constituency leadership appears to have fallen asleep at the wheel and, therefore, they were ill-prepared to deal with the 800-plus voters who had been added to the voters' list since 2016.

It also is a resounding confirmation of the fact that Jamaicans are struggling and the 'one-day bellyfull' cannot be overlooked. Current members of parliament were seen directing the dropping of fertiliser, plyboard and zinc all over the constituency. While this may not have been the predominant factor that influenced the outcome of the election, I am sure it helped.

Those who seek to blame Peter Phillips are just part and parcel of the propaganda attack that this Government has launched in order to ostensibly weaken their opponent. It is CLEAR, even to the blind, that the media is in collusion with the JLP and I would not be surprised if many are in their pockets.

What Dr Phillips needs to do now is to shed the excess baggage that's burdening down the People's National Party and install a proper communications team so that he can fight fire with fire.

And what Andrew Holness needs to do is explain to public-sector workers like myself why we must accept the measly wage offers after the wanton use of state resources in South East St Mary!

Jaxson MacDaniel

Annotto Bay, St Mary