Thu | Nov 15, 2018

Letter of the Day | Where is the change?

Published:Tuesday | November 7, 2017 | 12:08 AM


In Jamaica, we have the privilege of exercising our franchise by voting in an election and selecting a government. Most of the time when I do so, I vote for the JLP. I am however not so pleased with Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his administration, particularly as it relates to crime.

He made a very bold statement a few years ago when he did not yet have the reins of power. He said: "If you want to live safely in your yard, if you want to wake up in the morning and see another day, if you want to be able to fall asleep with your door open and wake up alive ...," we the voters should vote for the JLP.

Despite the fact that the Bible says that we must not put confidence in man, and even though a promise is a comfort to a fool, that statement by Mr Holness was a powerful one that many of us believed. We believed that he would do what was necessary to bring positive results to the crime fight. But this has not happened. Crime has got worse. It is out of control and people are being killed in Jamaica with impunity.

The powers that be are powerless to this crime problem. People are living in great fear. Many churchgoers whom I know are afraid to go out to services at nights. Where is the change that was promised?

Donald J. Mckoy