Wed | Dec 19, 2018

Turning words into action

Published:Wednesday | November 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I have been monitoring the prime minister's words, and although he has made himself more accessible than his predecessor did, he seems to have come up with a magic word to describe what he has failed to do. The word is 'committed'.

Consequently, he is 'committed' to stem crime; the Government is 'committed' to this and that. Of course, this word relieves the prime minister of having to say that he made any actual promises.

He was recently in Montego Bay opening a medical centre and it only then seemed to dawn on him that he should engage the business interests in the Government's crime-fighting strategy. I wonder what his Government was doing all this time.

Do not get me wrong, as I have my own magic word. I use the word 'seem' to suggest that the country may be achieving some minor targets, but I do not believe all the information being put out into the public.

Every day this prime minister is showing his lack of capacity to find useful economic solutions for the country although he preaches about his 'commitment' to do so.

Wanting to serve does not necessarily mean that one has the ability to serve, and I guess that is why I serve in my own way.

I hope that one day we will find better able-minded persons to lead our politics because I am not seeing enough in either the JLP or the PNP.

Mark Trought