Wed | Oct 17, 2018

I back NIDS, but not on IDB deadline

Published:Wednesday | November 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I fully endorse the Government in finally trying to implement the national identification system project.

As I sat in the Senate gallery on Monday, I realised how members on both sides of the House didn't really appreciate how the NIDS in our state and any other digital state is supposed to work.

NIDS can actually be paid for in the GOJ Budget without a loan and in far shorter a time frame than is being proposed by the Government.

Unfortunately, there is a clear lack of understanding how national identification with biometrics works in today's digitally connected world.

NIDS is about the WHO and not the WHAT. Identity is in the WHO and NOT the card. It is as simple as that.




The bill and, understandably, the forthcoming debate are more about the WHAT than the WHO.

The bill has gone through in quite a mess, if I should say so myself. It is at best unimplementable in its current state. This will be actually good for the citizens but an embarrassment and waste of money to the Government.

This system must go through as a priority, but not as a knee-jerk reaction to meeting deadlines of an IDB meeting for a loan, as I am hearing.

My recommendations are to form and EFFICIENT joint select committee that will create a clean bill from scratch based on a management outcome rather than a flawed technical solution. With the roll you are on, FULL registration could start on January 2018.