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Letter of the Day | I don't trust NIDS foolishness!

Published:Saturday | November 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM


For the almost three million people Jamaica has, many have neither a birth certificate nor a passport. How in the world will this National Identification System foolishness be achieved when many Jamaicans do not have, or care about, these simple 'rights' supposedly being used to implement such a stupidly restrictive system?

Aside from that, public education was more than lacking for such a project. Come on, Robert Nesta Morgan! Telling us about the difficulty of giving information before passing a law that might never exist is a ginormous cop-out. Giving information is your job - law or no law - as the director of communications in the OPM.




Everyone cannot leave their job and watch a debate in Gordon House to know what is going on. This project is playing dangerously with our future, our lives, and our country.

This system sounds as if it being forced upon us - for our own 'good'. I don't have much confidence or trust in such a system if we cannot even get the voters' list right.

We must stop trying to be like the United States. Their systems don't prevent illegal immigration, crime, tax fraud, and a myriad of other problems we have yet to solve for the wee country of ours.

Jamaica needs to re-evaluate and self-introspect. Who do we really want to be?