Tue | Oct 16, 2018

Look to Church for rescue

Published:Wednesday | November 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Everybody wanted their pound of flesh when we saw the woman beating the child with the machete. So many responses and suggestions. Even downright condemnation. There was also the suggestion of charging her for cruelty to animal since she slapped the dog.

Then the boys who sodomised another by holding him down inside the bathroom. How we would have gone to the school to seek out the culprits and deal with them.

There are so many other vices in the society that we condemn from behind a microphone or telephone. Rightly so, but the bigger picture is not being faced. When we were born, if left alone, we would have adopted the behaviour that had the most powerful influence on our living experience.

Who is responsible for the morality of any society? Who is responsible for the teaching of moral values to our children?

Is it the parent? What if the parent does not subscribe to, or is indifferent towards, any moral values? What if the parents themselves were exposed to minimal moral values and attitudes? All they can pass on to their children is the brutish behaviour they themselves experienced.

The Church is the only group that consistently teaches moral values, even with its own problems. We expect our children to grow up with moral values and attitudes, but no one is responsible to impart this to them consistently.

When the children display uncivilised behaviour, we then ask, what is the Church doing? We never send or take them to Sunday school because "they are pure hypocrites in the Church"? How then do we expect to come out of this cycle? We bash the Church and turn around and ask, what is the Church doing?