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At my wits' end over Digicel woes

Published:Saturday | November 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The top of the Digicel Building on the Kingston waterfront, headquarters of the telecom group.


This is an open letter to Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel.

I am a long-time Digicel Jamaica monthly prepaid 4G broadband Internet customer.

I am loyal but regrettably unhappy with Digicel's lack of performance.

- Excessive outages of 4G broadband Internet service.

- Slow upload and download speeds.

- Horrendously poor Hanover Internet hardware maintenance history.

- Unreasonably tardy Internet service restoration.

- Management's unresponsiveness to pleas for better service.

- Management's failure to publicly announce Internet service disruptions and estimated service restoration times.

- Marginally informed customer care representatives.

I, along with many other broadband customers in Hanover, seek to bring these matters to your attention.We plead with you to act promptly to rectify these shortcomings. Ineptitude, unwillingness to perform and a just 'don't give a damn' attitude define your customer service. Lower and mid-level management have failed to act in spite of being repeatedly apprised.

Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel Jamaica, and shareholders, please take notice. Revenue to the Digicel is being lost as a result of the feeble performance of your Internet service technical teams. They tarnish the reputation of your company and diminish the image of many within your organisation who toiled to establish and maintain.

Further, Digicel has disrespected many of its Hanover customers. Public notifications of the repeated and protracted disruptions in service have not ever been broadcast via the media. Your public-relations officer failed to inform us of the reasons for the prolonged deficiencies of 4G broadband Internet service.

Hanoverians refuse to continue to be the victims of substandard, shoddy and often non-existent Internet service.

I prepay for Internet service from Digicel. Frequent lapses eats into my available online minutes. I am not compensated for time lost. I am owed $3,000 and I seek repayment. Please, Digicel Help us!