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Digicel working to resolve Hanover woes

Published:Tuesday | November 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to a letter published by The Gleaner on Saturday, November 25, 2017, titled, 'At my wits' end over Digicel woes', written by customer Lancelot Murray. Upon reading his letter, I immediately reached out to Mr Murray to apologise for the inconvenience that he and other customers have been experiencing with our broadband service in Hopewell, Hanover.

The service issues are mainly a result of difficulties we have been having in partnership with our vendor to continue supporting the maintenance and upkeep of our WiMAX broadband network. Ten years ago, we brought a first-of-its-kind network to deliver high-speed broadband Internet to traditionally neglected parts of Jamaica, and we remain committed to delivering the best data speeds and service to all our customers islandwide.

In keeping with our longstanding commitment to deepen Internet penetration in Jamaica, we have been investing in rolling out new cutting-edge LTE technology to replace our WiMAX network. LTE will deliver speeds up to 50 times faster for an amazing network experience.

This transition to newer, faster, more modern technology is already happening as part of our 2030 transformation, and we intend to keep the residents of Hopewell, Hanover, informed about our progress as this will usher in a new, exciting period for other Jamaicans islandwide.

Up to recently, our technical and public relations personnel were in touch with Mr Murray to keep him updated on our progress. This is part of a continuing dialogue that we have been having with him over the past few months while we work towards a permanent solution.

During that time, we also provided him with a complimentary alternative to his WiMAX broadband service as an interim solution. We then arranged a rebate to his account for the period he was unable to connect via the WiMAX service. We have also provided a rebate to him for his most recent claim and will be restoring the interim solution as needed.

We commit to keeping all affected customers updated about the future of their broadband service because our team understands the importance of a reliable Internet connection to their lives.

Digicel thanks Mr Murray for this opportunity to respond to his and the concerns of other customers, and we assure them that we will continue to work round the clock to deliver a vastly improved service within the shortest time possible.


CEO, Digicel Jamaica