Sat | Aug 18, 2018

Some charities not transparent

Published:Wednesday | November 29, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Charity increases in December, and as we exit what was a very active hurricane season, the habit of giving should already be a natural habit. I recall back in September, while storms were flushing the Caribbean basin, that one entity made the plea 'help us help them', a campaign for donations. But it made me think how little we know about the goings-on of these organisations.

Many persons may be under the impression, for instance, that a $100 donation goes directly to someone in need. Au contraire, most organizations divide your donations among all the various expenses incurred through administering this aid.

After all, even international aid organizations have bills. Fair enough. But, in some countries, charity organizations use as much as 90 per cent of your donations to pay storage fees, utility bills, transportation costs, even salaries for the many professionals who run them. In the end, this leaves only a fraction of your donation for actual aid. Imagine signing a $1 million cheque, to learn later that only a measly $100,000 was allocated for aid?

I wanted to know what happens and tried fruitlessly to get answers from some charities.

Forgive me for casting doubts on the operations of these entities that do so much good for so many people. But I see no wrong in holding charity organizations to account. the same way we put political figures and public offices under the microscope.

As for you, dear charity organizations, if you can't tell me how you use my money, then I can't trust you, so don't ask for it. Until you're ready to be more transparent, ah beg yuh, please stop ringing those bells outside my grocery store.

Rohan K. Wright

Mandeville, Manchester