Thu | Sep 20, 2018

Gordon House dress code archaic

Published:Monday | December 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Rules are rules, but some rules are outdated, oppressive, and downright silly. I see nothing offensive and/or having deviated from decorum when Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna wore a sleeveless dress to a parliamentary sitting.

However, what I do find offensive and/or vulgar are government MPs and their opposition counterparts shouting and/or cursing at one another, which, unfortunately, has become the norm at our nation's highest court. Equally offensive is the modern-day practice of opposition MPs walking out of Parliament whenever they vehemently oppose a bill brought before the House or for whatever other politically motivated reason they deem necessary for them to exit en masse.

Both parties, while in Opposition, have been guilty of this distasteful and disrespectful practice. A few years ago, Ms Hanna was unfairly criticised and admonished because she had posted a photo of herself, on her Facebook page, wearing a Bob Marley half-T-shirt and a bikini bottom, which she had had the audacity to have worn to the beach. Those criticisms, back then, were as unfair and unwarranted as the ones she has received for 'Sleevelessgate'.

If Ms Hanna's sleeveless dress has been deemed inappropriate for Parliament, was former first lady of the US, Michelle Obama - who was very fond of and famous for wearing sleeveless dresses, during her husband's presidential tenure - inappropriately dressed at the many state/official functions at which she wore sleeveless dresses? As a nation, we seem to excel in backward thinking and small-mindedness.