Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Let them rot in jail!

Published:Thursday | December 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


With the high increase in murder rate with recording over 1,400 since the start of the year, we all should be in agreement including the churches with Prime Minister Andrew Holness and national security minister, Robert Montague's proposal, to deny bail to persons charged with murder and other serious crimes.

And we should hope that this very important call will come into effect as quickly as possible.


Remove bail


Repeat offenders who are murder people in the most brutal ways if and when these hooligans are caught, they should be sent to prison without being tried, and there should be offer for no bail. We should show them no mercy let them die in prison, since hanging is too good for them. That's honest and fair justice.

Donald J. Mckoy.