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Congrats to Knox College on choir victory

Published:Tuesday | December 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am a pleased viewer of TVJ's 'All Together Sing' competition. I was thoroughly entertained right through the competition by the schools. They really brought it this season, and the creativity among them was very well portrayed in their performances.

Congratulations to Knox College for doing exceptionally well in the competition. Knox has been the top choir since the start of the competition and their victory showed that they were the viewers' favourite choir.

They came with versatility and were very dynamic in their delivery, so their victory is well deserved.

What I loved most about Knox is that their musicians are all students. That is very good, and it shows that they have a very well-organised music programme at the school.

I must admit that I had five votes, and I gave three to Knox, and one to Bellefield, and one to Godfrey Stewart.

As for Bellefield, they, too, should be congratulated. However, they should understand that dancehall and reggae - which seem to be their favourite genres - do not necessarily mean votes. I believe they relied too much on those genres, and it didn't allow for full exposure of their talent.

So next year, Bellefield should try to mix things up a little bit more.

I am a little concerned that more Corporate Area schools are not in the competition. I believe the organisers for next season should ensure that more schools from the capital participate.

Finally, I believe that the judges should have selected the songs for the choirs to perform for the finals. They could still do the two songs; however, one of the songs should have been the judges' pick. The organisers could think about that for the next season.

It was a good season, and I wish all the schools the very best! Well done!


Lecturer, Harvard University