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Letter of the Day | Let's get serious and punish litterbugs

Published:Tuesday | December 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Let's get serious and punish litterbugs


This is an open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

I must commend the 'Nuh Dutty up Jamaica' initiative, however, I still think more can be done. I would like to make a few recommendations.

1) I believe that if we want a clean environment, it has to start with the children, who are the future. We should ensure that there is a programme in all schools educating children on littering and its effects. This programme should be incorporated in basic, primary/prep, and high schools. A little reinforcement throughout the years of school will not hurt anyone.

2) My other recommendation is to place more suitable garbage bins on the streets, especially in the areas with high pedestrian traffic. I know that there are garbage bins there already, but I don't think they are enough and suitable. From my personal experience walking downtown Kingston, I see bins through which small items can easily fall through and litter the area. In some commercial areas, it is very hard to find a garbage bin. I do not want to walk around with trash in my bag.

3) I would like to see people who litter know that the law should be taken seriously. I would like people to patrol and look out for litterbugs since the police have enough on their plate. Just like the Transport Authority oversees some traffic violations, litter wardens should be installed. I would like to see a country where the laws of the land are not treated like a joke.

4) I think it would benefit us if we could see the pictures and names of these litterbugs in newspaper. It is my environment as much as it is theirs, and I would want to know who is helping to destroy my environment.