Fri | Oct 19, 2018

Enslaved in a vicious cycle

Published:Thursday | December 14, 2017 | 12:05 AM


With Jamaica seeing over 1400 murders this year alone and 2017 being the year we saw a massive increase in violence against our children, our people are literally dying to be free; free from the hurt, pain, depression and most of all free from violence and hate. The uncontrollable bloodletting has again ignited debates around why it is happening and how it can be stopped. The political camps are left confounded as to what can be done to stop the bleeding.

The greatest question that has not been asked often enough is, how the loved ones of those who have been taken away from them are able to deal with the trauma of that loss, both emotional and economic? Jamaica has for a long time, over generations, been dealing with trauma primarily from the legacy of chattel slavery and colonialism, but to this day we are still enslaved.


Enslaved to a cycle


We are enslaved to a cycle of revenge killings, a cycle of failing social systems unable to cope with the needs of a population, a cycle of failed responses to the crisis and a cycle of failed leadership at the family, community, political and law enforcement level. The sad reality is that even though we are ending 2017 with over 1400 murders we will be starting 2018 with far more trauma than the year before. It is imperative that as a community and a nation we provide support to the victims of these failed systems where we can.

Kevonne Martin