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Kudos to traffic cops

Published:Thursday | December 14, 2017 | 12:05 AM


I have to give a hearty salute and congratulations to the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who have been out in Half-Way Tree or at the TGI Fridays intersection and other strategic spots to manage the influx of traffic that has been seen in recent times. A simple 10-minute journey to Half-Way Tree can last 45 minutes or an hour coming from University of the West Indies especially between 5 and 8 p.m.

The funny thing is that you always never seem to see why the traffic seems to be so heavy after you pass Andrews Hospital on Hope Road. The police being present from as early as 4 o'clock makes a big difference at the TGI corner where the road is blocked by either someone going across or coming up or down the road. With their presence at that point, road users obey the stop light, stop driving into the middle of the road to make their way past the stoplight or committing other road offences which obstructs traffic flow.

Half-Way Tree is an actual model area now. No longer are you harassed by some vendors while walking on the sidewalk; no longer do the taxis stop any and everywhere and obstruct traffic and both pedestrians and road user obey the rules of the road.

I can only hope that this continued police presence is maintained throughout the traffic hot spots of Half-Way Tree, Barbican, TGI Fridays intersection and any other major point in which traffic volume is very high.

Thankful Road User