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Is the pot finally facing its reflection?

Published:Wednesday | December 13, 2017 | 12:00 AM


While we have been subject to hearing the pot calling the kettle black for months, now, it appears the pot will finally face its reflection. Since the change of administration the opposition People's National Party (PNP) has rapped the government consistently for what they deem poor governance and the lack of a workable crime plan.

Here we are, a week after the revelation of a major gun bust destined for Montego Bay and whom do we find in the centre of the controversy, someone allegedly aligned to the PNP? While no charges have been laid and the investigations are ongoing, I can't help but rely on innate teachings; that birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

This does not reflect well on the PNP, the hypocrisy of it all. While they clamoured for a crime plan, actively resisted the Zones of Special Operations, National Identification System (NIDS) and are yet to answer the Minister of National Security's invitation for an all stakeholder meeting; here they are at the centre of one of the largest gun finds ever. Had these guns made their way into the island, the result could surely have been catastrophic.

The consignee on the ill-fated shipment of 4 riffles, 115 pistols, 139 magazines, 103 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, 50 rounds of .357 ammunition, 50 rounds of .45 ammunition, 24 rounds of .40 ammunition, 40 rounds of .223 ammunition, nine handgun back straps, five magazine parts, three pistol grips, 3 butt stocks and other weapons parts is alleged to be a former employee of a PNP Councilor. Is it that the councillor was completely unaware of the character of his former employee? Did she apply for the post under an alias? Was no background check carried out?

It appears the National Identification System may not be such a terrible idea after all.

Claude McPherson