Fri | Oct 19, 2018

Fed up with ‘Worst’ Indies cricket

Published:Monday | December 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I wonder how long it will take for officials and players now at the helm of West Indies cricket to recognise that the ship is gone off course and headed for disaster.

Tony Becca is spot on in saying they talk too much, and here I add 'with eyes and ears tightly shut'. Team selection has been abysmal, with key, experienced players omitted for no recognisable reason, and this applies also to team captain.

How long must we be waiting for superior leadership at the top, and how much more are we, the cricketing loving public, to tolerate inclusion of mediocre players in our teams at the highest level of representation. What qualifies a player for selection after a single career performance at the domestic level? Is the West Indies team meant to be a training ground? Do players recognise that at the international level, they are in a performance arena where no quarters are given, as all competitors fight for retention on their respective national teams.

What qualifies a captain for retention in that position when the match-losing record in every format of the game is his leading credit? Surely, his other qualities could be of greater advantage to a career!

I have ceased to attend international cricket matches and cannot tolerate abysmal showings on television;, and to cap it all, I cringe whenever a comment by team coach, team captain or a player appears in print, with excuse after excuse, while praising the opposition for being a better team.

Enough is enough! We have suffered for a long time, and the frustration has, as well, begun to appear in Mr Becca's presentations.