Mon | Aug 20, 2018

End impasse on wage talks

Published:Wednesday | December 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Government is the biggest 'ginnal' of all times. The 'tax break' given to public-sector workers last year was not a tax break in the real sense. As a result of the so-called tax give-back, public-sector workers are now in a pickle with the Government.

The Government has advanced the argument that it raised the income tax threshold so that persons could have more money in their pockets. But the Government underestimates the diminishing returns that inflation has on our purchasing power, and by extension, our standard of living, so any gain from the tax break would be obliterated.

I cannot fathom why the Government has dawdled and pussyfooted around with the wage negotiations of the public sector. The Government has lost its soul when it is offering not only six per cent over the two-year cycle but a freeze on fringe benefits. This is, indeed, an insult to public-sector employees. If public-sector workers were to accept the Government's offer and the 2.5 per cent pension scheme introduced retroactively, public-sector workers would be left with an even more minuscule increase.

Time come, Mr Prime Minister, for you to intervene in the impasse between your Government and public-sector workers and treat the cause, rather than waiting to treat the effects.


Educator, Administrator