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Better to be late than take a robot taxi

Published:Monday | December 25, 2017 | 1:07 AM


This little Jamaica is becoming more dangerous for us to live in because the monsters are on our heels.

I was listening to a sad story in which two women narrowly escaped death while traveling in a robot taxi in the Kingston 10 area.

The spokesperson said that the two ladies, a senior citizen and a young woman, were in the back of the taxi and two men were in the front - the driver and another, so they became curious as the driver started to operate in a strange way. So, they wanted to know where he was taking them. 

To make a long story short, the other man who was a gunman, pulled a gun on them and demanded their belongings. They took them to a certain place and robbed them of their money, credit card, PIN, etc., and let them go without taking their lives. Family gave thanks to God, that their lives were spared.

We have also hear about that 17-year-old girl who was found dead in Portmore, after taking a robot taxi, some days ago.

We have been warned to be careful when taking taxis, to be careful of robot taxis, because gunmen are playing tricks - targeting and kidnapping women. Women, be careful of these monsters. Avoid robot taxis. Take the bus. It's better to be late than to lose your life.

Donald J. Mckoy