Sat | Oct 20, 2018

Boyne waged brutal war on ignorance

Published:Tuesday | December 26, 2017 | 1:40 AM


Although I have never met Ian Boyne, we exchanged ideas on religion and philosophy in The Gleaner, and being a non-believer, he once invited me on Religious Hardtalk. I politely declined through deference to my better half, who is of a different persuasion.

He was opposed to blunt biblical libertarianism, and advocated a type of liberal theology. One could almost call him (this would make him smile) a secular theologian.

He was always more interested in what he could learn than in scoring points. He had an unfailing sense of proportionality and fairness.

I suspect that the main thing he wanted to accomplish in life was to fight ignorance in this world. Ian, your fight was not in vain.