Mon | Feb 17, 2020

Shame on police

Published:Tuesday | January 2, 2018 | 12:53 AM


What is the purpose of having police men and women in Jamaica if they themselves are afraid to assist the tax payers of Jamaica?

You refusal to assist in securing the island means a country such as Iraq is a much safer place to visit and live than coming to Jamaica. This is sad if you are not a tourist visiting a hotel with extra security.

It is a disgrace that you have allowed this country to deteriorate to an island that is only safe for vultures to prey upon carcasses of the human citizens of Jamaica. 

You have more people living off the island than living on the island and you see nothing wrong with that. Why are there toll collectors collecting from innocent citizen in Cambridge, Shortwood, and Catadupa in the parish of St James? I am ashamed to know there is an army in Jamaica that cannot protect the citizen any better than the police. 

Disgraced citizen