Mon | Jun 25, 2018

Waiting patiently to upgrade my modem, Digicel

Published:Thursday | January 4, 2018 | 12:41 AM


On the first working day of the New Year, I visited the main office of Digicel Downtown Kingston with the intent of getting an upgraded modem to replace my four-year-old device. The reason for wanting to upgrade my Digicel modem was that I was experiencing “Flow” type Internet service. 

On arriving at the Digicel office, I waited briefly in line for customer service and was told that Digicel did not have any modems in stock and had not had any in stock for some time.  When I asked when they might be getting some new devices, the representative said she had no information, but I could visit a Digicel “support partner” in New Kingston with my old modem, to have them look at it and figure out why I was experiencing “Flow type” service.  I declined since I was not about to go driving to or through New Kingston where parking and congestion exist all day and ruin my first working day of 2018.

I am therefore writing this note to alert someone at Digicel who knows when they might have available modem’s to replace their old devices.  Speedy reliable Internet service is a necessity, especially since more transactions are being done via the Internet.

Hoping Digicel will enable me to have a prosperous and peaceful new year with fast, reliable and affordable Internet service.

Hugh M Dunbar, AIA