Fri | Dec 14, 2018

Letter of the Day | Discipline is the key

Published:Saturday | January 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


"Put hog in a white shirt, him bound to wallow inna mud."

Despite being 'dressed up', the beast will act in accordance with its true nature, and to expect otherwise would be foolish.

Persons who, by way of nurture, emerge undisciplined, inconsiderate and devoid of conscience won't change their behaviour when dressed up with a motor car. If, in addition, such persons are short on common sense or just plain stupid, the potential to harm self and others is great.

Disciplined persons don't need the presence of the police in order to act in a proper manner. They carry with them their own internal police, which was drilled into their psyche, courtesy of two decades of proper upbringing.

If discipline and common sense prevailed among the attendees at the Sandz New Year's Day party on the Palisadoes, the entire constabulary could very well be all the way in Timbuktu, because there would be no need for the presence of even a single policeman/woman to ensure the free flow of traffic on the one roadway that serves the vital international airport.

If rampant indiscipline was confined only to our roads, that would be bad enough. The fact that it pervades so many areas of life in Jamaica begs the question: can a culture of rampant indiscipline and the prosperity we seek coexist?

We certainly have a big job of nurturing on our hands.

Dr Patrick Robinson

Stony Hill, St Andrew