Fri | Jan 18, 2019

Name Bog Walk High after Enid Bennett

Published:Monday | January 8, 2018 | 12:17 AMOren Cousins


I attended an interview on July 19, 1971, in response to an advertisement for principal  for the newly completed and unopened Bog Walk Junior Secondary School. Enid Bennett was present at that interview, as a member of the seven-member school board chaired by the Rev Hugh Miller, a fine, voluble and energetic gentleman. Bennett was the only female member. 

I was seeing Ms Bennett for the first time, and I was drawn at once to her beauty, charming smile, quiet voice, and appearance of strength and wisdom. That interview began a friendship that lasted 46 years ending on December 2017 during which I learnt, almost to a level of reverence, about her dignity and humanity. This noble lady hardly ever blew her own trumpet, even on the election trail and platform.  

One of her primary objectives was education as the gateway to a better standard of life for the masses. She educated her adopted children. She assisted with the education of family members and relatives and others who needed help. Often at great sacrifice of the then slim salary as a member of parliament and with her private funds, she supported many young people through high school, regardless of their parents' political persuasion. 

She fought to site Bog Walk Secondary and demonstrated remarkable service to her constituency and to Jamaica. 

It is not too late to rename the now-Bog Walk High School in memory of this noble Jamaican.