Sun | Aug 25, 2019

Where does the buck stop?

Published:Tuesday | January 9, 2018 | 6:35 AMJavon Moatt


Whatever happened to the saying 'the buck stops here'? This a leadership philosophy by which I have always lived.

It would seems that our society has forgotten this basic principle of leadership. Nowhere is this more vividly illustrated than with the current situation with the national-security officials.

Who will be held accountable for the Palisadoes cock-up? This situation should never be read as an attempt to embarrass George Quallo, the police commissioner. This is just like me having a boss, supervisor or manager who is not pleased with my performance and has called me out on it.

So if the police have failed to carry out their mandate, the minister of national security has a right to step in. That is his responsibility. Similarly, if crime worsens, I would expect the prime minister to summon the national security minister. That is the chain of command, and I would expect that the police force would understand this.