Mon | Dec 17, 2018

Accountability lacking in Jamaica

Published:Thursday | January 11, 2018 | 12:05 AM


It is really disheartening to see what is happening in our country. Many persons of influence and power love titles, but fail to accept responsibility when things go wrong on their direct watch.

Accountability seems a bad word or foreign to most, hence they move with boldness from one foul up to the next. If they were damaging themselves only or losing their money and reputation that would be understandable, but Jamaica and Jamaicans are the ones suffering.

The New Year's Sandz, traffic, party, police, regulatory foul up, which has cost this country so much already in embarrassments and more to come, is another example. In a decent and lawful democracy where standards are not just set, but followed, at least three or four persons would have already been brought to book.

Resignations should have been handed in and failure to do same should have caused them to be demanded and collected the following day.

Based on what occurred, the police in charge of the Kingston east division should be fired; the person at the KSAMC who authorised the party along the one corridor to the capital's airport, should be fired and so too, the senior police who had oversight of the airport on that day.

The promoters of Sandz should be banned for life from promoting any events in the country. Also a new law should be legislated to criminalise and penalise anyone who prevents or causes disruption on any route within a certain circumference from the airport.

Fix the problem once and for all! If not, the lack of accountability for which Jamaica is known will raise its ugly head again with far more devastating results.

Joseph Edwards