Thu | Jan 17, 2019

Half-Way Tree a dump!

Published:Saturday | January 13, 2018 | 12:11 AM


On Monday morning, I headed out to work singing my gospel songs and trying to perk up my spirit for the day ahead. I turned on to Eastwood Park Road from a road adjoining Molynes Road, heading for the intersection of Red Hills, Eastwood Park, and Constant Spring roads to get into Half-Way Tree.

I hit the intersection and was mortified! In the middle of the city, I was faced by a 'big dump' on the backside of what used to be Brooklyn Supermarket and the pet shop!

My morning was spoiled royally. A man of unsound mind has made the place his home and has been filling the place with garbage of every kind for weeks; it has now ballooned into a monstrosity!

I am gripped by the reality that Jamaica is now on autopilot! No agencies working! The prime minister and the opposition are both quieter than a cemetery!

Half-Way Tree has become a living ghetto! Clothes hanging everywhere, 'pop-down' buildings, Digicel-decorated ugly stalls have taken over the sidewalks, lawless higglers parade every inch of the streets, bus drivers and taxi men park anywhere and drive as though there is no road code.

The NCB and Scotiabank buildings are mountainous disgraces inside and outside and garbage is king everywhere you look! Half-Way Tree is no longer a bustling business centre; it's a garrison! A ghetto!

Who is responsible for beautification? Who enforces the law for areas for selling and parking? What on earth is happening to our beautiful island?

That mad man and the mess need to go!