Fri | Nov 16, 2018

Montague did the right thing!

Published:Monday | January 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM


While many of us have become accustomed to the nine-day wonder of news stories in Jamaica, what we have seen from the minister of national security regarding the Palisadoes debacle is a far cry from the usual. The minister's response, in demanding a report from the commissioner of police instead of waiting for the issue to die a natural death, was commendable.

What happened on the Palisadoes strip on New Year's Day will probably be remembered as one of 2018's biggest blunders. The people of Jamaica deserve to know why it occurred.




While some have criticised the minister's decision to publicly reject Commissioner Quallo's report, I see it as leading from the front. Rejecting a report deemed as grossly inadequate was the right thing to do! He knows what we expect of him as a minister and to hold the commissioner and, by extension, the police force to some level of accountability is one of those things.

The way I see it, accountability is one characteristic lacking right across the country. It's never anyone's fault! Perhaps that may be one of several breakdowns in the moral fibre of this country. Perhaps there is something to learn from Minister Montague.