Sun | Sep 15, 2019

Wannabe apostles are all fakes

Published:Friday | January 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


After more than 1,700 years of costly blunders, one should be forgiven for thinking that leaders of the modern Christian Church would spare no effort in ensuring that their doctrines and practices are consistent with the written Word of God.

But instead, the present Christian landscape is littered with scriptural and nonsensical doctrines and practices one could ever imagine to see and hear.

Take, for example, the fad where church leaders rushing to rebaptise themselves with the designation of apostle. No doubt, one major reason for this explosion of apostles is their recent discovery of the enormous power and responsibility given to the Twelve Apostles by Christ. However, what these pseudo apostles choose to ignore is that these responsibilities were unique and were not intended to be placed on any other person within the history of the Church.

It certainly defies even an ordinary grasp of scripture that these hungry-to-be apostles failed to understand that the appointment of an apostle is the sole prerogative of Christ. Additionally, a fundamental criterion to be an apostle is that he be an eye witness of the life and ministry of Christ. It is for this reason the Apostle Paul declares: "I also have seen the Lord."

Like the 12 tribes of Israel, no one should seek to alter the twelve apostles of Christ.

There are too many egos in the pulpit. Not satisfied with the mushrooming of an assortment of questionable doctorates among church leaders, they have now decided that the surest way to bolster their egos and status is to cloak themselves with the mantle of apostleship.

Put an end to this reckless and flirtatious abuse of the word of God.