Wed | Nov 14, 2018

If Phillips, Holness were more likeable ...

Published:Saturday | January 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Why is it that the leaders of Jamaica's two major political parties, Andrew Holness and Peter Phillips two bright, hard-working and patriotic Jamaicans - seemingly only unite and act cordially towards one another whenever a Jamaican icon dies (and they both attend his/her memorial service), whenever a disaster (such as, Walker's Place of Safety happens) and/or whenever they both attend a national event, like the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast?

Why can't our nation's two top political leaders unite towards bettering Jamaica despite their political differences?

Instead, generally, there seems to be one-upmanship and criticism that frequently hurt rather than helps Jamaica and Jamaicans economically, politically and socially.

At the end of the day, ultimately, charm and likeability will get political leaders much nearer to attaining or maintaining the country's top job than will they criticising and/or cursing one another. Former and late Jamaican PMs Hugh Shearer, Michael Manley and Portia Simpson Miller, during and after their lives in politics, showed just how high a value the average Jamaican/voter places on the personality, charm and likeability of their political leaders.

Last, perhaps it's time for Andrew and Peter to revisit the Rev Al Miller's call for a government of national unity.