Wed | Nov 14, 2018

Black leaders betrayed our peoples

Published:Tuesday | January 23, 2018 | 12:03 AM


We were ready to demonstrate with some people because the president of the United States of America referred to Haiti and Africa as "s***hole" countries. We were livid and showed our disgust at his apparent display of disrespect for black people and his blatant show of old-time racism.

"Please excuse us," the spokesman said, 'but we have to call you hypocrites." Our grandchildren were in fifth and sixth Forms and were as vocal as we were.

They reminded us that Africa and Haiti had minerals, and neither of them should be depending on, and begging alms of, the USA or any other country. Haiti has rotten rich people who live in splendour, and rich employers pay their workers a pittance and encourage mudpie beggars at their brass-knobbed doors.

Africa is rich in minerals, but the black leaders keep the money for themselves and live in grandeur. How quickly they build palaces and parade their fleet of expensive cars!

They enslave their own and are the main offenders regarding tribal wars, corruption, and human trafficking. If these countries were not mismanaged, they would be giving aid to us.