Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Is N-CEL really effective?

Published:Thursday | January 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM


IN N-CEL's initiatives (National College of Educational Leadership) a total waste of tax-payers' and USAID's resources and money?

What's being currently offered to prospective principals is already included in several programmes at the tertiary level. I've had such training in educational leadership as well as hundreds of principals, vice-principals, heads of departments, etc.

What's needed is for N-CEL to revisit its programme outlines and affix such with 21st Century aspects in leadership, accountability, ethics, etc.

Every school in Jamaica has its unique culture entrenched in its core values and norms. Thus, trained personnel of the N-CEL programme would create a facade of professionalism when visited by a team within the Ministry. Once that team has left, it is straight back to square one. Even more, N-CEL's programme is viewed as a weapon to pressure and enslave teachers and other workers in schools.


Another square peg


In essence, N-CEL is an archaic First World idea that is being enforced upon personnel in a Third World setting.

In concluding, N-CEL has little or no effect on the transformation of school leaders and their leadership style.

Schools are being run by chairpersons who are,the most time, politically and religiously aligned to who is appointed or what is best for their institutions. Get up and smell the coffee!

It is simple. N-CEL, as I see it, has exhausted every avenue of imminent change and is by extension blinded by the stark realities embedded in the annals of schools across the length and breadth of this island.

H. Moore

Lecturer/Adult Educator