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Letter of the Day | Take fighting crime seriously

Published:Tuesday | January 30, 2018 | 12:04 AM


Commissioner of Police George Quallo was scheduled to make a presentation at a breakfast put on by the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) on January 30. I had sent him a list of questions that I wanted him to address in advance and was disappointed to receive an email from the JCC on Thursday saying that the commissioner had cancelled his presentation. Later that day, we received the news that he had resigned without explanation.

There has been no public announcement from either his office or the Government as to the reason. This is the typical approach of a failed Third World country that has no respect for the people! So, here we go again looking for another commissioner who is bound to fail at the job.

During my time as an employee in the private sector, I turned down job offers to run failing companies where I believed that the employers' vision and commitment was not conducive to succeeding in the job. On the other hand, I have joined companies and succeeded in turning them around where my predecessors had failed because I succeeded in getting the employer to support my vision and strategy for a major change in the approach of the past.

Recently, i asked the minister of national security in a public forum why he took the job knowing that the resources were not there to do the job. He indicated that he did it for his love of country and desire to serve.

I am sure that his predecessors, as well as the numerous commissioners, would have answered in a similar manner, but that is not good enough. Hence, the failures of successive administrations.


On the search


Now we are once again going to try and employ a new commissioner of police after Mr Quallo served only nine months in the job. If we go by history, the Police Service Commission will be interviewing persons from the same pool of people that they rejected in the past and ask them to succeed in a job when all their predecessors have been failed.

Neither the prime minister nor minister of national security has explained publicly why Mr Quallo is retiring. This lack of transparency tied to lack of a public document that provides a comprehensive crime plan leads to a lack of confidence in the administration.

Since the current administration is not committed to providing the people of Jamaica, a comprehensive crime Olan the private sector must step up and force the matter. I am calling on the Private Sector Organisation, The Jamaica Bankers Association, Jamaica Manufacturers Association, The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce supported by the major unions too come together and force an unwilling administration to do this now.