Fri | Oct 19, 2018

Relieve JCF of deadweight cops

Published:Tuesday | January 30, 2018 | 12:03 AM


Until someone in authority hears or until I'm tired of hearing myself, I contend that for crime to be put under control in Jamaica, we need a new policing mindset and structure. Since that cannot be done in the short term, it is imperative to rid the Jamaica Constabulary Force of excess baggage and deadweight.

Appoint an outsider to lead the force, and make the officer corps leaner while expanding the numbers in the lower ranks. Hire a qualified manager who is a proven leader and give him or her a contract with expected deliverables and timelines for each to be accomplished.

Cut the constant pomp and pageantry and wastage of funds on installations of a new leader with lots of talk but nothing substantial to show at the end of their term (except in the Owen Ellington era).

It is my considered view that if the retiring Deputy Commissioner Novelette Grant had been elevated to her rightful place, our present predicament would be less grave. For once we could have seen what a woman's touch could do where so many men have failed.

It was not to be, so another figurehead was pushed in and now pushed out. How ironic?

Taking responsibility does not mean transferring a problem or a poor performer. It means taking firm and exemplary action.

On another note, who has the power to fire senior police officers? I think I know the response for that question but I asked to find out if they are alive or seeing what is happening in our land.

Only an outsider can take the JCF bull by the horns, because that person has no alignment, secrets, ties, briefs, or 'squaddie' favours with which to contend.