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Commissioner Adams? Shoot that down!

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Former crime-fighter Reneto Adams claims that if he got the job of commissioner of police, Jamaica would see a drastic reduction in murders. I think this is entirely possible. That's because, under his watch, the country would see a drastic reduction in its population. So, statistically, it follows that a reduced number of people should see fewer murderers.

I expect a lot of this kind of talk will dominate emotion-driven conversation over the next few months. Those among us whose opinions are driven more by empirical evidence will admit that this state of affairs could be anticipated. Anywhere in the world that basic social issues are neglected for so long, this is the exact outcome.

New revelations about gang members in the force and other horror stories confirm that it is unlikely that, regardless of who heads that body, we are likely to see any change.

It has been suggested that since it is unlikely that citizens who wish to preserve their lives are likely to entrust the members of this body with information, the force should be relying far more heavily on technology. For reasons better known to them, this is not being done. Why, may I ask, aren't certain places not saturated with cameras? And there are scores of other crime-

fighting equipment available.

All that aside, I wonder if I am the only person who is becoming suspicious of these crimes - how and where they are taking place.

Perhaps the minister had better spend some time investigating who benefits from this pointless mayhem. Because all this talk of gang reprisal and lotto scam is getting boring. It's just not making sense.