Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Letter of the Day | More intellectual discourse, please!

Published:Thursday | February 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Political content, has over time, lost and won in its aim to influence and persuade the ears and eyes of the populace. I read with dismay a response to correspondence (from the Honourable Horace Chang) by resigning MP for North West St. Andrew Constituency, Mr. Derrick Smith. Dismayed not because I believe either men are right or wrong, but rather for the relenting lack of professionalism by political entities to manage well.

There is an adage I learnt in my formative years, "do not wash your dirty linen in public". In this 21st century where methods and systems are modernising, transforming and education and knowledge are paramount; it must become of utmost criteria and importance to employ intellectual, intelligent and skillful integrity focused minds in our state havens to unambiguously detect and foresee impending challenges, issues, and intending contentious matters prior to same being published by whatever medium or method.


Control disputes diligently


I am convinced as an ordinary Jamaican and not necessarily political, that our woes of crime and violence as a country, could have been less had we controlled our internal affairs and squabbles more diligently; hence an aspect of. Let us leave the 'tit for tat' for elections, and, of course, we can have tits and tats without being repugnant. And this should apply for both leaders and followers.

Therefore may we all learn from our mistakes instead of harbouring animosity and hatred which symbolise division than resolve. I do hope that both aspirants for the imminent vacancy shall be afforded the most dignified and fairest opportunity to vie for the post in favour of all, of Jamaica land we love.

C Dionne Cassie

St. Ann