Mon | Feb 17, 2020

Pastor Anderson ban justified

Published:Thursday | February 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM


It is encouraging to see that the Jamaican government valued the rights and safety of all its Jamaican citizens rather than honouring the wishes of a foreigner to enter our country.

Every country has the power and right to decide who it grants and denies entry and often doesn't have to give a reason for denial. It should be noted that foreigners do not have an automatic right to enter Jamaica, likewise Jamaicans to any other country. Governments have always restricted access to their borders to individuals who espouses ideologies that seek to incite violence and terrorism against any of its people.

Other countries like Jamaica have freedom of expression as a right and do have citizens who may spew vitriol like Anderson's, however, these individuals are citizens and therefore protected under the Constitution. In a democratic society like ours they cannot be deported and they hardly if ever be silenced. As granny would say 'dem navel string plant yah'.

It is important to note that not because some of what Steven Anderson has said resonates with some Jamaicans means he should be let in and 'All Ideas' should contend. Where ever it is possible to slow the spread of ideologies that seek to incite more violence on our already fragile state, our government should resist the importation of such ideologies.

In a scenario where Anderson were allowed to enter Jamaica and managed to radicalise even one person to commit violence, that is enough reason prevent him from entering.

kevonne martin