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Letter of the Day | Use Hanover pilot to crack cold cases

Published:Saturday | February 3, 2018 | 12:04 AM


The extremely poor and almost non-functioning investigative capacity of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is no longer a secret. It is plain for all to see and has manifested itself in the runaway murder rate.

Hanover was once one of the safest parishes in Jamaica. But things took a turn for the worse in the mid-2000s.

Many people in the town of Lucea can remember very well when businesswoman Ms Moo Young was brutally murdered. The spate continued with the murder of retired fireman Mr Harvey. Mr McKenzie, a returning resident, was murdered in that period. A gentle soul, a member of the Lucea Rotary Club, a mechanic and garage operator, Mr McMahon, was also murdered.

All these murders took place in a radius of about two miles surrounding the headquarters of the JCF parish office and the smaller main police post in the centre of the town. I am almost certain that the files for these cases are on ice.

Fast-forward to about four years ago, a young lady, a district constable who worked at the Kingsvale Police Station, was brutally gunned down. To the best of my knowledge no one has been convicted for her murder.

The Hanover police are at sea as to how to solve crime. Murders are being committed almost at their doorstep.

Here is a layman's take: Use Hanover as a pilot project and have selected some of the best young investigators around. As a matter of urgency, have them properly trained and reopen the many dormant murder files.

Give them the resources necessary. Hanoverians, who traditionally love law enforcers, will discreetly help them to crack difficult cases. A pipe dream? Certainly not! Use Hanover success and replicate it elsewhere.


Torado Heights, Montego Bay