Mon | Nov 12, 2018

Please stop sharing sex video

Published:Saturday | February 3, 2018 | 12:02 AM


I was shocked and dumbstruck when I came across the much-talked-about video which everyone has been buzzing about on social media. It was traumatising. I could not watch it and I regret having seen it in the first place.

Even though that blow-job video originated in Trinidad and Tobago, similar abuse is occurring all over Jamaica. These issues are usually swept under the carpet as the victims are customarily made to feel like the offender.

For some unknown reason, some members of society protect these monsters, and, while later in life a few brave ones break their silence, it is often too little, too late, because nothing can heal their pain, unseen scars and shattered dreams.

We have to do more to protect our women and girls. There should be special clauses in the law to deal with the perpetrators of these crimes.

Parents need to be more vigilant of their children, introduce comprehensive sexuality education at an early age. Make them aware of what is a 'good touch' versus a 'bad touch'.

Finally, I would also like to appeal to those who have been sharing the video to desist from doing so.

I understand the rhetoric about creating awareness, but, it is illegal to do so as well, and potentially causing the innocent child unbearable trauma.