Sun | Dec 16, 2018

Poor decisions on Barbican 'upgrade'

Published:Thursday | February 8, 2018 | 12:08 AM


Motorists who frequently traverse the Barbican area have for a very long time wanted the roadways there to be upgraded. So, last year when work started in the area with grand promises of major improvements to come, it brought tremendous joy. However, as the work has progressed and the eventual design and outlay of the newly 'upgraded' roads become more evident, we the motorists have been left thoroughly disappointed.

As persons more qualified and learned than I have pointed out, the huge concrete dividers being used in the area are completely inappropriate for a new, modern roadway. Those barriers belong only on highways. Why couldn't plants be used to divide the roadway?

Also, the much-touted 'widening' is not much of a widening at all. Based on how things are looking now, it seems the notorious traffic congestion in the area will continue even after the work is complete. What good would all of this have been for? Only in Jamaica could this be allowed. It is quite sad.

Annoyed Motorist