Tue | Apr 7, 2020

Really, Prime Minister? Really?

Published:Friday | February 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Prime Minister Andrew Holness' press conference with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson startled me a bit. In trying to justify Jamaica's abstention in the United Nations vote on the US Embassy in Jerusalem, he said he did not think Jamaica should interfere in where a country chooses to put their embassy.

Fine on the surface. But was he not advised that Jerusalem has been in dispute since the 1967 war and that there is a Security Council resolution still pending that Israel should withdraw from the occupied territories and go back to the 1967 boundaries

Amazingly, at the same time, he is willing to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Again, was he not advised that the Venezuelan government was democratically elected? Was he not advised that the Venezuelan government, from day one, has been seeking dialogue and the Opposition has always refused, until recently, when it seems they have started to cooperate? And was he not advised that former US President Carter, who has personally observed elections in Venezuela, has said that Venezuela has the fairest elections in all of Latin America.

Is he also unaware of the fact that President Maduro has moved up the elections from November 2018 to April 2018? Is he also unaware that in keeping with their insistence on regime change, the US government has already condemned the results of Venezuela's upcoming elections, even though they have not yet been held?

Last, is our prime minister unaware that Venezuela has always invited observers from around the globe to witness its elections?

Come on, Prime Minister, you can do better than that. The public is a little more aware these days.