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Port security guards symbols of excellence

Published:Tuesday | February 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM



Last Friday, I went to the wharf to collect a package that had been shipped to me.

That being my first time making a pickup at W. Adolph Levy, I had some hesitation about the process. However, I was swept away by the efficient and courteous service I received from two guards, Shereifah and Juliet of Milex Security Services.

Despite having to go upstairs, downstairs, and upstairs and downstairs again, and from this room to that room, the bureaucracy did not make me feel exhausted or annoyed. These two ladies exhibited a remarkable level of professionalism and helpfulness. I was so impressed, I had to share the experience with my wife later that day.

Shereifah and Juliet are, indeed, a credit to Milex and Adolph Levy, and I hope that whenever next I do business on the port, I'll be the beneficiary of their outstanding customer service skills.

Well done, ladies!