Wed | Jun 3, 2020

Who will police the police?

Published:Sunday | February 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM


If the traffic laws are not vigorously enforced, all will be for naught. We must also ensure that the enforcers of the laws are also obeying the law.

In my area, I see police officers driving service vehicles with one headlight, one brake light, or no light on the licence plate. And this is not only for a day or so, but for months. So if the police are not in compliance with the law, how suited are they to stop a motorist to warn of an infraction or issue a ticket for not having functional headlights or brake lights?

We must move to have unmarked police cars with radar and cameras to patrol our streets and highways. The court should have video footage of taxi and minibus drivers making two and three lanes out of the line of traffic.

The police should start a week of public relations campaigning and issuing warning tickets for minor breaches. After this period, they must vigorously enforce the law for every traffic offence. Only then will discipline be restored on our roads.