Fri | Oct 18, 2019

Hold protesting judges accountable

Published:Wednesday | February 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The prime minister may have very well misinterpreted or badly advised on the section of the law relating to the appointment of the chief justice, but he meant well for the country and was merely indicating that a culture of accountability was needed in the judiciary.

For too long there has appeared to be a level of mediocrity and unaccountability in this sphere of operations. Our results-oriented prime minister wanted a change in that paradigm. That was the message.

Andrew Holness may have erred in methodology and implementation per Jamaican law, but it was most disappointing for the island's almost 100 judges to have pursued protest action over that. What madness is that? And where is the accountability quotient of which the PM was asking for in the first instance?

Jamaica needs to develop a culture of accountability, despite an error by the executive arm of government. Who will accept responsibility or demonstrate accountability for this protest to the citizenry?