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The good ‘ole days of radio

Published:Thursday | February 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Let's take a short walk down memory lane.

Do you remember, in days gone by, RJR used to play some good 'old hits' music every Thursday evening, when Henry 'Busha' Stennett was the moderator of the programme, The Evening People Show, from 5 - 9 pm?

On Saturdays, we used to listen to the children's programme, The Colgate Toothpaste Cavity Fighter's Club, with Marie Garth and the late Neville Willoughby. Then at 7:00 pm-7:30 pm, the same day, it was, At the Clinic, with host, Peter Maxwell. We also remember that famous and very interesting story, 'Dulcimena', which aired every week nights between 7:15pm anp 7:30pm.

And the long list goes on, with Carlington Sinclair's late-night programme, and many more.




I will now turn to Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). Every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm-10:00pm, on JBC FM stereo, it was Golden Memories - Good Old Time Music. At 12:20pm on JBC Radio 1, it was the late Louise Bennett with, the Time to Remember story.

Then at 10:00 PM, it was the late-night programme, Journeys, with Joan Johnson and co-host, Rosie Murray.

There was also another late night programme, Shades of the Morning with host Winston Witter and co-host, Frederine Lewin (maybe I spelt her name wrong).

I believe she died some years ago. Charles Lewin was the super mix man with the 2-6 Super Mix in the afternoon. And the extra-long JBC list continues, too.

Those days were very nice and enjoyable. It's a pity we can't bring them back.

Donald J. Mckoy