Wed | Oct 16, 2019

Indebted to 97 judges

Published:Friday | February 16, 2018 | 11:05 PMJeanette Calder


When the 97 judges took a break from the traditional and conventional way in which they have long operated, I was served, and generations to come were served. I want to thank the judges.

I've heard the criticisms flung at them for attempting to instruct the prime minister and "interfering" in the matters belonging to his office. I've read that they are no longer to be trusted because they have declared their hand and are biased. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Should I ask a doctor for a second opinion on my X-ray results or trust my well-meaning mechanic? These are not 97 Comrades on the Bench. I believe they acted appropriately in providing the country with a legal opinion.

I thank the 97 judges for their unprecedented intervention, because this was entirely a man-made crisis, and not one of their own making.

I regret the timing, the unfortunate disruption of service and inconvenience to the public. I believe, driven by the strength of their convictions, a sacrifice to meet outside of working hours should not have been too much to arrange.

But we've forgiven our PM for past constitutional indiscretions, and so I am confident that it is not too much to forgive our judiciary for the poor timing in coming to our defence.