Tue | Jan 15, 2019

Why have so many signposts disappeared?

Published:Saturday | February 17, 2018 | 12:05 AM


As a visitor who spent a year in Jamaica in 1969-70, and who has since returned for short stays, I explored all this beautiful island using the old ESSO road map and I always found the sign posts at road junctions a great help in keeping me on my chosen route. This was so even on my last visit in 2012, when I also enjoyed the wonderful, then-new toll road from Spanish Town to May Pen.

However, on this year's visit, I find that the road signs have almost all been removed, except on the toll roads and a few on the north coast, such as an isolated example I spotted in Ocho Rios. Why? Are we all to be forced to use Sat Navs or follow the Google directions on our smartphones?

I was told the signs have been stolen and scrapped for the metal they contain. Replacing the road signs may not be at the top of the country's priorities, but surely they are an important part of any 21st-Century road system.