Sun | Dec 9, 2018

Stop playing politics with NIDS, Phillips

Published:Thursday | February 22, 2018 | 12:05 AM


The article in Tuesday's Gleaner, "PNP taking NIDS fight to court, accuses the PM of being stubborn" portrays a desperate opposition leader. Peter Phillips should have learnt from the time the public lashed out against him that many believe that the NIDS is something good for the country.

Phillips needs to sit down and shut up. The NIDS will help to bring order to Jamaica which his party does do not want because any semblance of order would be bad for them. In the last general election, Phillips used Andrew Holness' house as campaign strategy and we know how that turned out. Now it's NIDS. Phillips has no authority now to claim to do anything regarding the NIDS because he abandoned the house and neglected his duty as opposition leader when he and his followers walked out of the Parliament when the bill was being debated. As a country, we must stand for something. We want improvements but don't want to change anything. Daily we howl for CCTV system, yet still, the foundation that will help to make such a system effective is being threatened by opposition.

They need to let go and stop playing politics! With all the violence taking place in the country, Phillips and other should be embracing a system like NIDS, not fighting it.

One day Phillips will wake up and realise that people are no longer riding donkeys, and that there is something called the Internet where people can research and find when the People's National Party was in favour of NIDS.

Jermaine Hall