Sat | Jan 19, 2019

Get a handle on crime, PM!

Published:Friday | February 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The murder rate continues to gallop faster than the speed of light. There needs to be a cessation of this spiralling statistic.

The Labour Government, like its predecessor, the People's National Party, must be held accountable.

We are familiar with Mr Holness's pronouncements that once the JLP won, the monster would vanish. Well, it hasn't.

It is, indeed, unsettling that the PM has taken umbrage to people reminding him of his pronouncements. Therefore, instead of the animus, Mr PM, humble yourself and bring the country together to tackle this raging beast. We need all hands on deck.

Peter Bunting, the former national security minister, was mocked and labelled a colossal failure when he called for divine intervention.

Some in the JLP even called for his head. Is Bobby doing a better job? Why is he still the minister?

The PM promotes himself as a transformational leader. A transformational leader is visionary and pragmatic.

One would have thought that by now, the Government would have implemented a crime plan. The JLP's reticence on a long-term strategy is, indeed, frightening.


Cooperation necessary


The JLP should engage in bipartisanship with the PNP. That party's 10-point crime plan - or half a loaf - is better than none.

There is a nexus between crime and economics. The destabilising effect is no longer local, but also international.

The economic ramifications to the island will be perilous. Unfortunately, the issuance of travel warnings from major markets underscores this quagmire.

I fully support the state of emergency in St James. Great job in this regard, Mr PM! I would encourage the PM to go further by calling out all the JDF reserves and blanketing the hot spots with their presence.

And me nuh waan hear there is no money to pay them. When election time, money find! So get it and pay them!